Annual Site Environmental Report for 2016

Supplemental Reports to the ASER 2016


  • Statistical Methods Used in the Idaho National Laboratory Annual Site Environmental Report (pdf format) - Relatively simple statistical procedures are used to analyze data collected by the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Environmental Monitoring Program. This supplement presents the methods used to evaluate sample results for this annual report.

  • Meteorological Monitoring (pdf format) - The Field Research Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Air Resources Laboratory (NOAA ARLFRD) provides meteorological support to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site. This support includes maintaining the NOAA/INL meteorological tower network (the NOAA/INL Mesonet) and running atmospheric dispersion models for emergency response applications.

  • Summary of Historical Environmental Monitoring (pdf format) - This summary of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site historical environmental monitoring has been adapted from the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Historical Dose Evaluation (DOE-ID 1991), which contains more detailed information on early environmental monitoring efforts and results.