Biota Dose Assessment Guidance for the INL

In July 2002, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a new technical standard entitled A Graded Approach for Evaluating Radiation Doses to Aquatic and Terrestrial Biota (DOE 2002a). The Graded Approach provides dose evaluation methods that can be used to meet the requirements of DOE Order 5400.5 “Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment” (DOE 1990) and DOE Order 450.1 “Environmental Protection Program” (DOE 2003). DOE facilities are required to demonstrate in their Annual Site Environmental Reports that routine radioactive releases from their sites are protective of non-human receptors. Sites are encouraged to use the Graded Approach for this purpose. The purpose of this project was to complete these necessary activities and incorporate their results into an Idaho National Laboratory- (INL-) specific guidance document. Four tasks were completed to appropriately evaluate the current monitoring program.

Task 1. Develop Conceptual Models And Evaluate Exposure Pathways.
Task 2. Define INL Evaluation Areas.
Task 3. Evaluate Sampling Locations And Media.
Task 4. Evaluate Data Gaps.

This guidance manual describes the application of the Graded Approach at the INL. All of the information developed in the four steps is incorporated, data sources are identified, departures from the Graded Approach are justified, and a step-by-step procedure for biota dose assessment at the INL is specified.

Full Report:  Biota Dose Assessment Guidance for the INL


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