A Comparison of Alternative Methods for the Calculation of Dose to the Maxmally Exposed Individual and Population Surrounding the INL

July 2004


The Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research (ESER) Program has undertaken the reevaluation of older procedures and methods for the calculation of both dose to the maximally exposed individual (MEI) and population dose. This comparison evaluates the methods for obtaining the MEI and population dose using computer programs developed previously (many in the early 1970s); with obtaining the same values using current technologies, to determine equivalence.

Every the year the ESER Program prepares and issues the Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). A key portion of the ASER is the reporting of the dose to the MEI and to the population within a 50-mile (80-km) radius of any site facility. In the past these dose values were obtained through manual calculations and FORTRAN computer codes. The limitations of FORTRAN lead to necessary assumptions being made in the calculations for the program to run. The following discussion is to detail that an alternative method, using more powerful computer programs unavailable at the time the original codes were written, will provide a more accurate and much simpler process to obtain the MEI dose and 50-mile radius population dose.

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This report was prepared for the
U.S. Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office
Under Contract DE-AC07-00ID13658
By the S. M. Stoller Corporation
Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research Program
1780 First Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

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