Plant Ecology


The Idaho National Laboratory Site (INL) occupies 2,300 km2 of sagebrush steppe on the eastern Snake River Plain and is the largest of the few protected reserves of this extensive vegetation type.  This provides an exciting opportunity for research and also offers a baseline, which is useful for evaluating impacts from INL facility activities, grazing and off-road vehicle use.

The ESER team:

  • Evaluates the impact of current and past work on the INL.

  • Evaluates long-term vegetation trends

  • Monitors the invasion and impacts of cheatgrass on INL lands. Cheatgrass is not native to the INL and out-competes other native vegetation.

  • Supports revegetation efforts after fire, remediation, and other site activities.

  • Provides expertise and advice to DOE-ID on land management issues, including animal damage control and depredation prevention, noxious weed control, and reclamation of disturbed areas.

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