The INL Offsite Environmental Surveillance Program

Routine operations at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) have the potential to release radioactive contaminants into the air and water.  To measure the levels of  these contaminants, the Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research Program (ESER) operates the INL Offsite Environmental Surveillance Program for the U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho Operations Office. 


Over 2000 samples of a variety of media are collected each year, including air, water, foodstuffs, soil, and direct radiation measurements. (Sampling Schedule)  Sample collections are made over a nearly 9000 mi2 area of southeastern Idaho.


Quarterly and annual surveillance reports are available through the website or by contacting the WAI ESER office in Idaho Falls.  Search our sampling results database at


Laboratory analysis is performed by the Idaho State University Environmental Assessment Laboratory.



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