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About ESER

The INL ESER Program is managed by Veolia Nuclear Solutions-Federal Services (VNSFS). In 2016, Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) assumed operation of the Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research Program, which includes the INL Offsite Environmental Surveillance Program. In December 2017, WAI was acquired by Veolia Nuclear Solutions-Federal Services (VNSFS).

The ESER Program operates consistently within the requirements of DOE Order 450.1 to satisfy the following program objectives:

  • To verify compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and with commitments made in official DOE documents.
  • To characterize and define trends in physical, chemical and biological condition of environmental media in the INL vicinity.
  • To assess the potential radiation dose to members of the public from INL effluents.

Services provided by the ESER Program include:

  • INL offsite surveillance, including sample collection and analysis of air, precipitation, soil, milk, wheat, lettuce, potatoes, and tissue samples (domestic and wildlife) for radionuclides.
  • Wildlife habitat and vegetation surveys, studies and research on and near INL.
  • Sitewide research concerning endangered species, pollutants in the environment and revegetation.
  • Ecological, radioecological and innovative research within the INL's boundaries.
  • Environmental education concerning ecological issues around the INL.


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Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts