INL Environmental Surveillance, Education and Research Program

Managed by Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services , the ESER Program conducts, manages and coordinates ecological and environmental research, offsite environmental surveillance, and environmental education for the INL Site.

ESER Services

Environmental Surveillance

ESER conducts the offsite environmental surveillance program for the INL Site, including sample collection and analysis of air, precipitation, soil, milk, wheat, lettuce, potatoes, and tissue samples for radionuclides.

Ecological Support

ESER provides ecological and natural resources support to DOE-ID for land management issues and supplies ecological information and expertise to support activities that affect natural resources at the INL Site.

Wildlife Management

ESER supports DOE-ID in its mission to avoid or minimize impacts on biological resources including but not limited to sage-grouse, bats and migratory birds.


ESER strives to increase public awareness of INL offsite surveillance and INL Site ecological research and to provide an education resource for local schools.


ESER publishes reports and other resources concerning surveillance and ecological resources on the INL Site.

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120 Technology Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
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