About Idaho National Laboratory Site

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Site is located in Southeastern Idaho.  INL was established in 1949 as the National Reactor Testing Station with the objective of furthering the development of nuclear reactors.  Today the INL, which is administered by the Department of Energy Idaho Operations Office, is a leading center for nuclear safety research, defense programs, nuclear waste technology and advanced energy concepts. 


In 1975 the mostly pristine land within the INL’s borders became the nation’s second National Environmental Research Park (NERP). All lands within the Park are protected and preserved as an ecological field laboratory where scientists from government agencies, universities, and private foundations may set up long-term experiments which answer questions about man’s impact on the natural environment.  The INL Idaho NERP covers 890 square miles on the upper Snake River Plain.


ESER team members conduct ecological and radioecological research and environmental surveillance in this unique setting.  The team will study the impacts of natural phenomena, including fire and drought.  Staff will also continue vegetation and wildlife surveys within the NERP’s boundaries.   


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