Ecological Risk Assessment

An ecological risk assessment is performed when:

  • The effects of a chemical, physical, or biological factor that cause an adverse effect in an ecosystem need to be studied.
  • The ecosystem has suffered a damaging change.
  • Better management of an ecological community is desired through study of potential stressors to the ecosystem.

The Stoller team supports the Department of Energy-Idaho Operations office by performing ecological risk assessment for INL and the surrounding area.

Monitoring results from various levels of the food chain are used to evaluate the introduction and transport of contaminants in the ecosystem comprising the INL and the bordering properties.  From this data, Stoller develops ecological risk models specific to the area that describe the stressor's effects on individuals, species, populations and communities in the ecosystem.

This data is provided to DOE-ID office to augment information required to maintain the delicate ecosystem on INL and to conform to environmental regulations.


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